R&D Center

Metalfrio R&D Center

Metalfrio R&D is committed to design and to deliver products with the highest level of safety, performance and energy efficiency. Metalfrio R&D thrives at utilizing latest technologies in its products targeting and its effective diffusion into the market place by offering innovatively designed solutions to our customers.

These are some of the many reasons for its success:

Pioneering spirit

• The first company to introduce upright displays with glass doors;
• Launched the “Frost Free” system in Brazil;
• Pioneer in the manufacture of glass doors with “No Fog System”;
• The first fully eco-friendly commercial refrigeration plant in Latin America.


• The main supplier to the largest beverage, ice cream and frozen food companies;
• The largest refrigeration equipment facilities in Latin America;
• The most extensive authorized service network in the sector;
• The world’s largest specialist and manufacturer of beer refrigeration equipment Sub-Zero;
• One of the largest refrigerator portfolios “tropical class” (D class).


• Expertise in commercial refrigeration, with full command of today´s technology;
• One of the most experienced teams in the world;
• Constant investments in research and development;
• Qualified for ISO 9001, version 2015 certificate;
• Quality certification and confirmation from European and American entities;
• Quality and reliability at competitive prices.

Innovation concept presented by a consultant in management on webinar screen

The research and
development team

R&D Department is the center of Metalfrio technology and design where Metalfrio products are born, first drawings are made, prototypes are released, various tests and improvements are carried out.